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Welcome to the Credit Union Social Responsibility Committee Site
The Credit Union Social Responsibility Committee examines CSR initiatives from government and organizations, and proactively pusues strategies that benefit the credit union system.

Credit Union Social Responsibility Committee


The purpose of the Credit Union Social Responsibility Committee is to deal with any subject matter that pertains to cooperative/corporate social responsibility. This responsibility includes examining CSR initiatives originating from government and from other organizations as well as proactively pursuing CSR strategies that benefit the system as a whole. Its recommendations should be made in the context of the broad direction of credit union development and growth.

Committee Members 

Daniel Burns (Chair)

Central 1 Credit Union

Myrna Hewitt

Affinity Credit Union

​Heather Simpson ​Alterna Savings Credit Union

Brenden Reimer

Assiniboine Credit Union

Paul Paruch

Atlantic Central

Rosemary Holmes

Central1 Credit Union

Corina Farbacher

Concentra Financial

Louise Smith

Credit Union Central of Manitoba

Teri Buckley

Connect First Credit Union

Keith Taylor

DUCA Financial

Sandy Shaw

FirstOntario Credit Union

Liz Arkinstall

Libro Credit Union

Sarah Rea

Meridian Credit Union

Ben Janzen

Mennonite Savings and Credit Union

Stephanie Wood


Vern Albush

Servus Credit Union

Barbara Turley McIntyre

The Co-operators

Lauren Dobell

Vancity Savings and Credit Union