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It’s been almost two months since credit union leaders from across Canada came together in beautiful Charlottetown, PEI to learn about the Canadian Credit Union System’s Past, Present and Future!

We asked our participants to complete a short survey on their experience.  From that feedback, we have created an infographic that shows the results and go forward actions for the NYLC.  We want to thank everyone for their open and honest feedback.  The recommendations provided will help make our next CU Next Gen event in Banff, Alberta in May 2015 even bigger and better!
During our time in PEI, we also captured the event on film and have created a short video that showcases the experience.    Please click on the YouTube link below and enjoy!

Thank you to all that chose to spend time at the NextGen event!  The Canadian Credit Union movement is full of inspiring leaders making a difference.


NYLC Alumni Coast to Coast

The NYLC stems from a long history of young leaders that have made a difference in the Canadian credit union system. 

We wish to celebrate our alumni by showcasing their learning through their journey from joining the NYLC to where they are at today. 

Please ensure to check out each profile to learn more about Canadian credit union leaders that have brought the NYLC to where we are today and who have set the foundation on where we are going tomorrow.
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National Young Leaders Committee

The objectives of the National Young Leaders Committee (NLC) are: 

  • To focus on developing future leaders, meeting future talent and leadership needs of the credit union system and on realizing the vision of the credit union system becoming the number one employer for young leaders in the financial services sector in Canada.
  • Expose young and emerging leaders to broader system wide issues to increase awareness, understanding and engagement.
  • Provide a voice for young and emerging leaders on credit union issues.
  • Expand professional development, experiential learning, and networking opportunities to all young and emerging members.
  • Help the credit union system realize the benefits of developing highly skilled young and emerging leaders.


Our Vision

Strengthening the Credit Union System by Bridging Generations of Leadership

The National Young Leaders Committee is a bridge between today’s young leaders and the leadership roles that will play a crucial role in the success of Canada’s credit union system of tomorrow.  

We develop tools, resources, and networks to support today’s up-and-coming credit union leaders, equipping them with the skills and competencies they need to serve the credit union system in positions of influence, addressing head-on the challenges and changes facing our industry.
The NYLC will strive to provide today’s young leaders with a collaborative platform to share their perspectives on system challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the next generation of senior leaders leaves their mark on the credit union system of the future.

You can connect with the NYLC through:

Twitter: @NationalYoung


Committee Members 

Lisa Castle (Chair) Synergy Credit Union
Adam Monteith Access Credit Union
Marlin Froese Access Credit Union
Kris Babbings
Affinity Credit Union
Cheryl Lambert Bayview Credit Union
Lesia Gojan Klein Carpathia Credit Union
Adam Fraser Coastal Community Credit Union
Lori Walsh Cornerstone Credit Union
Jeff Knutson Envision Financial
Kirsty Reid First Credit Union
Brian Bevilacqua First West Credit Union
Vic Mudhar First West Credit Union
Purdeep Sangha FirstOntario Credit Union
Robin Blythe Libro Credit Union
Benjamin Janzen Mennonite Savings and Credit Union
Mark Gorman New Brunswick Teachers' Association (NBTA) Credit Union
Devin Selte (Vice Chair) Servus Credit Union
Trevor Beaton Synergy Credit Union