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Welcome to the Standing Committee on Risk Management site
The Standing Committee on Risk Management is a senior level committee established by the Board of Directors of Credit Union Central of Canada, reporting to the Audit & Risk Management Committee

Standing Committee on Risk Management

Mandate:The purpose of the Standing Committee on Risk Management is:
  • To serve as an advisory/ review body for the board and management of Credit Union Central of Canada (“Canadian Central”) in relation to national priority projects in to monitor emerging risk areas and consider their impact on the Canadian credit union system;
  • To provide governance of the Credit Union Office for Crime Prevention and Investigation for purposes of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act;
  • To act as a national forum and community of interest (utilizing the Risk Management Resources Portal) for purposes of information sharing, discussion, and action on identified risk management issues of importance to the national system; and
  • To recommend, facilitate and encourage co-operation between Centrals, credit unions and strategic partners in connection with risk management matters where such cooperation will mitigate risks for the co-operative financial system or achieve cost-savings and other efficiencies.

Committee Members

Dan Heaman (Chair) Central 1
​Stephen Smith ​Atlantic Central
Chris Laxton Credit Union Central of Alberta
Lynn Fulton Credit Union Central of Manitoba
Bill Ballentine CUMIS General Insurance Group
​Lindzee Herring ​First West Credit Union
Mona Lessard L'Alliance
David Meldrum SaskCentral
​Paul MacNeill ex​-officio Audit & Risk Management Committee​