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The Canadian credit union system continues to deliver innovative products and services that create opportunities for growth that is unmatched, anywhere.  Working together with independent credit unions and the regional Centrals, Canadian Central facilitates knowledge and builds a forum of leadership.


Who we are and what we do
Credit Union Central of Canada (Canadian Central) is the national trade association for the Canadian credit union system. Incorporated, in 1953, by a special act of Parliament, and regulated under the Cooperative Credit Associations Act (Canada), Canadian Central provides a National Forum, a National Voice and National Services to support and expand the Canadian credit union system.
Canadian Central’s board is comprised of 10 directors, appointed by five Central member-shareholders. A focused committee structure, encompassing Finance, Legislative Affairs, Risk Management, Business Issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, National Young Leaders and National Lenders support Canadian Central’s role as an active and effective trade association.  In support of national initiatives, and to facilitate knowledge exchange, committee members from the Centrals and individual credit unions collaborate to further the goals of the system overall.
Canadian Central's staff members support trade association services and national initiatives for the Canadian credit union system.  These include research, policy and advocacy activities, management services, national conferences and events, and knowledge and member services programs.  Our Mission and Vision guide Canadian Central as a leading industry trade association, enabling the Canadian credit union system to be preferred financial provider of choice by Canadians.  

Our Vision
Canadian Central will be the leading advocate for a successful, competitive and growing credit union system that is distinct in its commitment to co-operative values and favoured by Canadians as their primary provider of financial services.

Canadian Central, as the National Voice and national forum for the Canadian credit union system, actively leads or participates in initiatives to build successful, competitive, and growing credit unions in Canada.  Canadian Central contributes to the success of the credit union system through strong advocacy, expert research, and the provision of value-added services to its member Centrals, their member credit unions and other credit union organizations.