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Canadian Central’s leadership team is focussed on promoting the growth and prosperity of the Canadian credit union system through advocacy, facilitation, collaboration and professional development activities at the national level.


The Canadian Central Board of Directors believes that strong corporate governance is critical to Canadian Central’s ability to fulfill its mission to be the national voice and national forum for the Canadian credit union system. The following governance principles reflect the Board’s deep sense of commitment and accountability in upholding credit union principles. These principles serve as a guide and a standard of conduct for all Board activity. 

  • The Board is Committed to Upholding the Co-operative Principles
  • The Board Provides a Framework for Oversight and Accountability
  • The Board is Structured to Add Value
  • The Board Attracts and Retains Effective Directors
  • The Board Strives to Improve its Performance
  • The Board Promotes Integrity
  • The Board Recognizes and Manages Conflicts of Interest
  • The Board Recognizes and Manages Risk
  • The Board Facilitates Appropriate Compensation
  • The Board is Engaged with its Members

For more details regarding the Canadian Central board please click here to view the latest Governance Report.


Daniel Burns​

Pacific Region​

1st Vice-Chairperson
2nd Vice-Chairperson

Graham Wetter Keith Nixon

Prairie Region  Prairie Region 

Russ Fast Dave MacLean Paul MacNeill Kelly McGiffin Doug Stoddart

Don Wright

​Prairie Region Atlantic Region Atlantic Region Central Region Pacific Region Pacific Region






President and Chief Executive Officer
Vice-President, Knowledge Services and Chief Executive Officer of CUSOURCE Credit Union Knowledge Network
Vice-President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Veronica Feldcamp
Director, Trade Association Services
Director, Financial Sector Policy