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Through print and electronic publications, as well as national, annual subscriptions with major research industry experts, Canadian Central strives to provide the very latest information, research, data, trends and analysis to assist the credit union system in making sound strategic decisions.

Annual Reports

As the national trade association for the credit union system in Canada, Canadian Central provides: a National Forum, a National Voice, and facilitation of National Services.  Canadian Central provides its members and Canada's credit unions with opportunities to work together at a national level. This is evidence by many initiatives undertaken by Canadian Central. Please scroll down for the latest issue.

Social Responsibility and Canada's Credit Unions
The credit union system's democratic and co-operative values make the system truly unique, and inspire credit unions to care about the communities they serve. In 2013, Canada's credit unions contributed more than $49.3 million to their communities in the form of direct donations, financial services, sponsorships, scholarships and bursaries. Across the country, credit unions build stronger communities through donations and sponsorships, community economic development, volunteerism and other socially responsible activities.
Based on the Community Involvement Survey, the Social Responsibility and Canada's Credit Unions brochure helps credit unions communicate about the system's socially responsible leadership and activities – to members, to community partners, to media and to government. Download the latest report here​.
Annual Reports
pdf2014 CUSOURCE Report, May 04, 2015
pdf2014 Financial Highlights, May 04, 2015
pdf2014 Governance Report, May 04, 2015
pdfCanadian Central Annual Report, May 04, 2015
pdfCUCC Audited Statements, May 04, 2015
Social Responsibility and Canada's Credit Unions
pdf2015 Credit Union Community and Economic Impact Report, Oct 15, 2015
pdfSocial Responsibility and Canada's Credit Unions, Oct 15, 2014
pdfSocial Responsibility and Canada's Credit Unions, Oct 16, 2013
pdfSocial Responsibility and Canada's Credit Unions, Oct 18, 2012
pdfSocial Responsibility and Canadas Credit Unions Brochure, Oct 15, 2011