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Guided by the Co-operative Principles, credit unions are unique in how they conduct business and serve their members. Canadian credit unions are affiliated with a respected, worldwide co-operative movement, and have a long history of reflecting their co-operative values in building stronger communities, locally and abroad.

® — Connecting Members with their Money, and more, from coast to coast
One of the many benefits of being a credit union member is having surcharge-free access to your money at hundreds of credit union Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) across the country.  This is possible thanks to the ACCULINK service, which connects more than 1,800 credit union ATMs at almost 400 credit unions across the country.
The ACCULINK service enables more than five million credit union members to withdraw funds, make deposits, change their PIN, transfer balances and make account inquiries at participating credit union ATMs without having to worry about paying any additional fees (standard account charges still apply). Credit union members should look for the ACCULINK logo on the ATM and on the back of their credit union debit card.
Quick Facts about the ACCULINK service:
Credit union members can perform the following types of transactions at more than 1,800 participating ACCULINK ATMs:
  • Withdrawals (up to the maximum daily amount allowed by the card issuer)
  • Transfers between your accounts held at the same credit union
  • Deposits including cash, cheques, and other negotiable items (at full-function ATMs)
  • Balance Inquiries
  • PIN (Personal Identification Number) changes at chip-enabled ATMs
For more information regarding the ACCULINK service please contact your credit union.
If you are a credit union looking for more information about the ACCULINK service, please contact the Payments – Member Services Department at Credit Union Central of Canada at (416) 232-1262 or by email