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Guided by the Co-operative Principles, credit unions are unique in how they conduct business and serve their members. Canadian credit unions are affiliated with a respected, worldwide co-operative movement, and have a long history of reflecting their co-operative values in building stronger communities, locally and abroad.



Credit unions are co-operative financial institutions, owned and controlled by their members. One of the fundamental principles of a credit union is democratic control. As shareholders, all credit union members have a voice in setting their credit union’s direction at the local level. Each credit union member has one vote, regardless of the amount of deposits or shares they have in their credit union.  Members also elect their credit union’s board of directors, which is responsible for governing their credit union.
While each credit union is an independent, democratic and locally-controlled financial institution, all credit unions share a common bond: their dedication to the people and communities they serve.  In addition, all credit unions are guided by the seven Co-operative Principles, which shape credit union business decisions and governance, setting them apart from other financial institutions. To learn more about the Co-operative Principles, click here.
Currently, about one out of every three Canadians belongs to a credit union or caisse populaire. Joining a credit union and becoming a member is easy! Click here to find a credit union near you, or visit a branch to join your local credit union.


Credit unions have been serving Canadians since 1900, when Alphonse Desjardins founded the first caisse populaire, or credit union, in Levis, Quebec. Back then, ordinary working people had little access to the commercially centered banks. Organized locally, according to a
co-operative model, credit unions provided Canadians urgently needed savings and lending services, at fair rates.


Convenient business banking services are available at credit unions in communities across Canada. Whether an independent entrepreneur or a large business owner, your local credit union can provide a wealth of expertise, service flexibility, and local decision making through a team of financial experts that will best meet your specific needs. Core business services include: 
  • Operating lines
  • Merchant banking
  • Business loans
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Online banking
  • Card services, and more 
To further explore the advantages of credit unions for business banking, visit Or, access our Credit Union Locator to find a credit union in your community and connect with a team of financial experts that can help you grow your business.


As a member, joint owner and shareholder in their local credit union, members have access to a full range of financial services to help them achieve their financial goals. Just like other financial service providers, credit unions offer a wide variety of products and services to suit your needs: 
  • Chequing and saving accounts
  • Mortgages
  • Loans and lines of credit
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Investment products
  • Mutual funds
  • Investment dealer services
  • Term deposits
  • Retirement planning services
  • Financial management services
  • Financial counselling
  • Trust and insurance services
  • Services by telephone, online and on your mobile device 
For a complete list of products and services available at a credit union near you, or to meet with a financial expert, please call, email or visit your local credit union, or click here to find a credit union near you.


Your money is safe with your credit union. Credit unions are provincially regulated, and in each province one or more organizations exist to protect the deposits of credit union members. These organizations work with provincial government regulators to ensure that credit unions are among the country’s soundest financial institutions.
In fact, credit union members have the same or often higher deposit protection than what is available to Canadian chartered banks through federal Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) which offers maximum coverage of $100,000.00.
Deposit guarantee varies by province and by the type of account that is covered. For more information, contact your credit union or visit the website of the deposit insurance organization in your area.