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Call for Entries | National Credit Union Awards 2013

National CREDIT UNION Awards

 The National Awards Program is now closed.  Thank you to all who submitted a nomination.      

Canada’s credit unions have always played a significant role in the well being of the communities they serve. Credit Union Central of Canada recognizes and rewards these accomplishments through an annual awards program that acknowledges credit unions that by action or representation, exemplify the true nature of the co-operative spirit.  The National Credit Union Awards highlight fresh and effective programs that emphasize local economic initiatives, innovative solutions that improve the effectiveness of the credit union, and the ambitions of tomorrow’s young leaders.
Edith Wilkinson, Awards Organizer
Tel:  (416) 232-3421
Fax: (416) 232-3734

  NEW!  The first ever National Credit Union Award for Social Responsibility recognizes the leadership, innovation and 
  advancement that credit unions are demonstrating in their social and environmental performance.
National Young Leaders Program 
  National Credit Union Young Leaders Program  
  Spearheaded and supported by the Board of Directors of Canadian Central, the award encourages leadership            
  development among young professionals within the credit union system.
   National Credit Union Innovation Award
  The focus is designed to acknowledge innovations that place credit unions at the forefront of service and organizational 
Community Economic Development Award
  This award recognizes and honours outstanding contributions by credit unions to the economic development of the
  communities they serve.
  Hall of Fame

  This awards gives full recognition to credit union people who have given outstanding service to the system in Canada and/or