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The National Credit Union Awards highlight fresh and effective programs that emphasize local economic initiatives, innovative solutions that improve the effectiveness of the credit union, and the ambitions of tomorrow’s young leaders.

13 National Credit Union Award for Community Economic Development

Resilient Capital Program 

Helping individuals, enterprises and communities thrive... and to think differently about wealth is Vancity Credit Union’s (Vancity) mission and the Resilient Capital program is one way to achieve them all!
Launched in 2011 in partnership between Vancity and the Vancouver Foundation, the Resilient Capital Program offers depositors the opportunity to make a guaranteed fixed return on their money while backing social enterprises with high growth potential. This successful program has attracted more than 20 institutional and individual depositors who collectively have contributed over $13.5 million in Resilient Capital Term Deposits, including a $3.5 million loan loss reserve provided by the two partners. Vancity was able to leverage its $1.75M investment to create this fund that is expected to reach $15M by summer, 2013.
The Resilient Capital Program offers:
· Equity investments and loans in highly impactful social enterprises;
· Funded by CUDIC insured term deposits offered by Vancity; and
· Secured by loan loss reserve (Vancity and Vancouver Foundation dollars)
To date, Resilient Capital has invested more than $3.5 million in over ten social enterprises focused on addressing social and environmental challenges and building more resilient communities. The number and diversity of community partnerships supported and spawned by the program is no less impressive.
Resilient Capital depositors have exclusive access to the private depositor section of, a website that shares the successes of enterprises in the Resilient Capital portfolio, highlights their impact on communities, offers updates, news, stories and transaction summaries.
Resilient Capital is just the latest in Vancity's long history of programs focussed on meeting the long-term needs of their members and their communities, and the program wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration of the Vancouver Foundation as a founding partner. 
Since 1994, Vancity, Canada's largest credit union, has invested over $194 million of their profits back to members and into the communities they serve.  For providing capital to social enterprises and businesses that are building stable communities and which offers unique support and on-going encouragement to otherwise marginalized borrowers, Vancity is the deserving the recipient of Credit Union Central of Canada's 2013 Community Economic Development Award.