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alt="Credit Unions win IPSOS Best Banking Award for Customer Excellence for the ninth consecutive year."


National Credit Union Hall of Fame 

Past Inductees:
2015  2013 2012 2011 2010 2009​ 2007 2005​ 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996

Passion and Dedication 
To understand the success of the Canadian credit union system one needs only to look to our co-operative principles and the individuals who carry out these values in their professional and personal lives.  To exemplify excellence, an individual must be; an inspiring leader, a passionate advocate for the system here in Canada and/or internationally, a positive promoter for the credit union system, and a true representative of the co-operative spirit.  The Credit Union Central of Canada Hall of Fame Award identifies these individuals, congratulates them for their tireless contribution, and honours them for their achievements.

A win for the credit union system 
The individuals nominated for the Credit Union Central of Canada Hall of Fame Award need no award to display their passion and dedication.  However, their accomplishments are important to share through the system, as well as, their example of leadership is important to communicate.  These leaders inspire us to live out the co-operative principles and motivate us to continue to make improvements to better our system.  When we recognize our system leaders and celebrate all that they have contributed, the entire credit union system wins!
Share with us
Think about the individual in your organization who has shown excellence in leadership in Canada and/or internationally.  What outstanding accomplishments do they have that demonstrate their commitment and passion to the credit union system?  Candidates must be nominated by credit union and/or provincial Central Award Committees and/or Boards of Directors.  Please send supporting documentation along with your entry form.
To find out more about the Hall of Fame Award, please contact:​​​