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alt="Credit Unions win IPSOS Best Banking Award for Customer Excellence for the ninth consecutive year."


National Credit Union Innovation Award


Past Winners: 

2015 | ​2014 | 2013​ | 2012 | 2011 | ​2010 ​| 2009 ​| 2008 | ​2007 | ​2006 | ​2005 | ​2004 | ​2003

The National Credit Union Innovation Award supports and honours the commitment, focus, drive and dedication of credit unions across Canada with an emphasis on the development of ideas and innovation in member services, technology, process and cost savings. The Award focuses national attention on credit unions who lead the way in developing and implementing innovative initiatives that strengthen the credit union and that may have application for the overall system. 

Tell Your Story
When you reflect on the various internal and external initiatives your credit union/ caisse populaire has undertaken, what product, service, operational or member innovation has contributed positively to your credit union/caisse populaire and can serve as a model for others? Whether the initiative has been undertaken by your credit union/caisse populaire alone or in collaboration with other credit unions/caisse populaires, your credit union/caisse populaire must be the major participant. Entries must be submitted on or before January 30, 2015. Please read the submission guidelines carefully.

A representative from the winning credit union will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony as a guest* of the Canadian Central at the 2016 Canadian Conference for Credit Union Leaders, April 30 to May 4, 2016 in Saskatoon, SK. 
*Canadian Central will reimburse travel expenses (economy class) and provide two nights accommodation at a designated hotel. 

Please read the Submission Guidelines​ carefully. 

Download the National Credit Union Innovation Award Entry Form​.