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alt="Credit Unions win IPSOS Best Banking Award for Customer Excellence for the ninth consecutive year."


National Credit Union Young Leaders Award


 Past Winners:

2015​  2014 ​2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 ​2004



Talent and Ambition
In many ways, the future of Canada ’s credit union movement rests with the best and brightest young employees. The National Credit Union Young Leaders Award helps identify these individuals, motivate them and publicize their accomplishments to inspire others.

High Achievers
Without exception, the people nominated for the National Credit Union Young Leaders Award would display their talent and ambition in the absence of any award. By sharing their accomplishments, the credit union system inspires others to demonstrate similar dedication and effectiveness. These young high achievers tackle large complex problems that will help determine the future of financial services.

Think about the young people working in your operation. Do you have any rising stars? Why do you think of them that way? Do they have any well-defined accomplishments, or have they taken on any unusually large responsibilities in your credit union? Do they innovate? Candidates must be nominated by the CEO of a regional Central, a credit union’s CEO/GM, or a credit union’s Board Chair may nominate a credit union CEO/GM. Nominate your candidate by using the convenient Entry Form and send it with supporting documentation by the closing date.

For more information about the National Credit Union Young Leaders Award contact:​​​​