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April 26
Congratulations to the Community Forward Fund!

Earlier this month, the Community Forward Fund Assistance Corporation (CFFAC) celebrated the official opening of the fund, following its registration with the Ontario Securities Commission.

The Community Forward Fund (CFF) was designed to address a gap in access to patient, working capital and bridge loans for  charities and non-profits.  Citizen’s Bank, a subsidiary of Vancity, provided some of the initial development capital and experts at Vancity continue to provide advice and support to the CFF.
An example of impact investing, the CFF provides loans to organization that meet their lending criteria and are poised to generate a financial return through entreprenurial activities, while at the same time supporting their social and/or environmental purpose. 
To learn more about the work the CFF is doing, and to find out what types of organizations have benefited from its support, click here.
















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