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June 11
What are Canadian perceptions of businesses' roles in society?
Canadian Business for Social Responsibility and the GlobeScan Radar Report have attempted to get inside citizens’ minds to understand what they think business’ role in society ought to be.  CBSR and GlobeScan presented key findings at a webinar last week, which was recorded and can be accessed here.
GlobeScan polled 1,002 Canadians and based on responses Canadians define CSR as:
1.     Protecting the environment
2.     Treating employees well
3.     Creating jobs
4.     Giving back to the local community
5.     Supporting health
6.    Honesty
7.     Showing concern/ acting in a socially responsible manner
GlobeScan explained that the environment and treatment of employees have remained top priorities for Canadians for almost a decade now.
According to GlobeScan’s survey findings, 79% of Canadians polled are very interested in what organizations do to be socially responsible, but Canadians are also very skeptical of social responsibility claims.  To this point, 81% of Canadians think companies use CSR to improve their brand image, not to contribute to society.
Despite of, (or perhaps because of), Canadian skepticism around CSR activities, 88% of Canadians polled agreed with the statement that “Government should do a lot more to force companies to treat people and the environment more responsibly.”  Canadians identified Mountain Equipment Co-op as a leader in environmental responsibility. 
Check out the recorded webinar to learn more results, and also take a look at this infograph, which illustrates Canadian’s societal expectations for business in 2012.


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