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January 21
Webinar!  People Risk:  The View from the Board

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Governance Webinar - People Risk: The View From the Board


On behalf of CUSOURCE Credit Union Knowledge Network, the following webinar
information is intended for Board Directors.  All questions and inquiries should be
directed to: CUSOURCE Client Solutions: 1.888.367.1386 or at


 "Our people are our greatest asset."


While boards and executives may believe this statement to be true, do their actions reflect it?
How many organizations measure and scrutinize their people assets as closely as their
financial assets?

Until recently, measuring and monitoring people risk has been more art than science. Today,
organizations can collect, measure, benchmark, and analyze people risk in a more sophisticated way.

This webinar provides board directors with a governance view of core people risks and their
related impacts, including:
  • the 3 primary areas of people risks that should be understood and monitored - leadership,            culture, and costthe dynamics that can lead to people risks
Why are these risks board-level issues? And how can they can be effectively monitored with
appropriate metrics?

Meet Your Facilitator

Ian Cook is a leading Canadian authority on HR measurement and its application to the business. 
As the Director of HR Metrics Service, Ian has first-hand knowledge of how to select, monitor,
and apply the crucial insights that come from HR measurement and analytics.
Date:  Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Time:  7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST
Cost:  $89.00 (group rates available for 4 or more directors)



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